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Custom-Built Cottage, Workshop
Home Office, Storage Building



Summer Ridge wood storage building
12'x16'x11' Summer Ridge. Includes a handsome porch with storage area overhead, nine-lite or 15-lite steel-clad double French doors, architectural shingles, window, under-the-eve vents with enclosed soffits, ridge vent, and half oval vent. Optional items are shutters, window box, and lattice.

NOTE: This is not a Rent-to-Own building.

Free Metal Roof Upgrade!

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Summer Ridge Storage Building Key Benefits

  • On-site construction, included.
  • Leveling: Leveling up to 12" is included. 
  • Support System: Building will be supported by 3 each 4"x4" pressure treated runners. Runners are centered on concrete blocks. 
  • Floor Joists: Pressure treated 2"x6" joists spaced 12" apart .
  • Flooring: 3/4" Pressure treated plywood.
  • Studs: Number 2 white wood spaced on 16" centers.
  • Top and Bottom Plates: Number 2 white wood. Double top plates.
  • Ceiling Rafters: Birdsmouth rafters to form true overhang. 2"x6" white wood spaced on 24" centers.
  • Exterior Siding: LP Smartside, primed; (vinyl or fiber-cement options).  
  • Porch: 4'x12' porch with 3/4" pressure treated floor attached to 2"x6" joists spaced 12" on center. Includes safety balusters, rail, and steps.
  • Roofing: 7/16" 4'x8' sheets of OSB, the industrial standard.
  • True Overhang: 7-9" overhang with enclosed soffits and vents. 
  • Fascia Board: 1"x6" white wood all sides.
  • Shingles: CertainTeed Traditional shingles, the professional choice. Shingles are warranted for 25 years. Roofing Shingle COLORS.
  • Metal Roof COLORS.
  • Felt Paper: Roofing felt paper is included under shingles.
  • Trim Boards: 1"x4" primed white wood.
  • Door: 15-lite insulated steel-clad double French doors with lockset
  • Window: 32"x36" vinyl tilt-down, double insulated window. Shutters and window box shown ARE NOT INCLUDED.
  • Lattice: optional extra
  • Ventilation: Under-the-eve vents, ridge vent, and half oval vent. 
  • Loft storage: 4' over porch.

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Summer Ridge Storage Building Advantage Pricing

Summer Ridge
8' Sidewall

True overhang with enclosed soffits and vents,
 ridge vent, and half oval vent;
9 lites or 15-lite double French doors;
4' porch with safety balusters, rail, and steps;
32"x36" vinyl tilt-down window;  architectural shingles;
pressure treated floor; and loft storage over porch. 

Note: These sizes already include 4' porch.
Prices include on-site construction.


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Value Price








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