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From time to time, we receive unsolicited testimoials from our customers:

Joseph & Richard,

I could not be more pleased with the work your crew did constructing my shed yesterday. The end result is just about bomb proof. Not only didn't the shed, as built, exceed my expectations and what is on your Internet material list, it is over enginerred and constructed in such a way that is sure to last longer then I or the house will. I expect that 100 years from now someone will be using this building and thanking the builder for doing it right.

I've seen the skimpy Home Depot and Lowes sheds which are cute enough but in comparison your construction methods and supplies used are not just a little better than what those places sell, it is superb by any comparison anywhere. I am not just impressed, I am wowed.

I hope you use this letter and, if you do, I don't want others who consider using your company to take these words lightly. I've been a builder from growing up on a farm and for 30 years now. I know the differance and how to build to last. I know cheap and fast when I see it and your company does Quality with a capital Q! I wasn't sure but now I know. I could not have done it better or cheaper if I did it myself. Quality with value. What a great concept!

A word on the crew. During this current remodel, and over the years, I have put up with all kinds of sloppy unreliable subs, lousy ehtics, lies and broken promises. Not only did you as a company do everything promised and then some, I haven't seen such a well run, organized, polite group of carpenters in my life. They don't even swear! (Ok once but I would have reeled off a blue streak myself) Now thats unheard of. In at 8am, out at 4pm, done fast, done right and they left the place spotless. I didn't know it was possible. Not just good, Its Great. (For the record, it is a 12'x20' Evergreen with 6 foot sides and a Mansard roof.)

For anybody considering using Conestoga, stop worring, stop shopping. You have found the best value and the best company. Tell 'em what you want and sleep peacefully knowing you have made the right choice.

Gentleman, Thanks again. You made a fan here and I'll tell as many as I can about you. You all deserve that.

Best Regards,
Frank Mack

Here is another:

Ronnie and his helper did an excellent job. This day and time, one never knows who will show up with a hammer and what language they will speak. I sure was glad to see these guys! I was impressed with their speed and accuracy.

Conestoga Builders is professional and first class all the way. Thanks also to Joseph and Richard. You guys run a top-notch company.

Jerry H. Bond

Here is a commercial office:

Conestoga was great to work with. Our storage unit was built quickly and professionally. Thanks.

Mike Smith
Emory Animal Hospital

Another satisfied customer:

Excellent service, friendly workers, efficient in design and implementation; would highly recommend to other clients.

Randall Manning

Buyer's Remorse:

Thank you for your inquiry.  I'm having buyer's remorse as I had the shed built at a "bargain price."  Now realize that I should have gone with Conestoga Builders, as the quality is not very good.  I've learned a lesson the hard way. Very sorry.




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